Chad's BBQ


CHAD’S BBq, located in EDGEWATER, MARYLAND is a local favorite. WE DESIGNED quirky PACKAGING FOR THEIR selection of SPECIALTY SAUCES.

scope of work:

You better believe the Peppermill squad is ready to roll up our sleeves when it comes to a barbecue branding project. Of course, it was necessary to kickoff our Brand Discovery by ordering everything on the menu at this local favorite BBQ joint in Edgewater, Maryland. 

After years of regulars begging to purchase their barbecue sauces, it was time to introduce a packaging design that fit within their current brand and design. With its location just outside the state’s capital, we wanted to incorporate some Maryland pride into the label design — especially since Chad’s house sauce is named “The Governor’s Wing Sauce.” To add some spice to their sauce (and a few pork belly laughs), we drafted some quirky "historical" quotes from 17th century Marylanders and Governor Larry Hogan himself* to accompany each flavor.   

*Quotes are not fact-checked for historical accuracy