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10 Questions to Help Build Your Brand in 2017

The new year brings new changes and challenges to any business, small or large. Now that we're into the first few weeks of 2017, it's likely you have thought of some New Year's resolutions for yourself and for your business. We challenge you to nix the cliche resolutions (though there's nothing wrong with a gym membership!) and create tangible goals. Resolutions are easily broken, but goals are achievable and provide you with something to work towards.

So, where do you start? At Peppermill Projects, we begin any new project with our Brand Discovery phase.We help you dig deep and find the answers to the important questions needed to build the foundation of a healthy, successful business. Each question leads to another, until we get to the heart of your brand — what it is that you do, why and for whom? This stage of "soul searching" helps us learn as much as possible about your brand. It’s also beneficial for our clients to learn how to differentiate from competitors.

If you've already laid the groundwork for your brand, it may be time to check in to make sure you're in line with your intended vision, messaging and target audience. Check out the 10 questions below to help you build your brand in the new year.If you're unsure of how to achieve some of your goals, or think that your brand identity needs a bit of a makeover, to help refresh your brand for 2017!

1.) What are your specific business goals you'd like to meet this year?

2.) What is your long-term (5-10 years) vision for your business?

3.) What activities and plans do you have to achieve these goals?

4.) What challenges do you face in achieving your goals?

5.) What are the core values of your business?

6.) Who is your target audience? Be as specific as possible! Geography, Age, Interests, Annual Income, Hobbies, Career, etc.

7.) What does your audience value? How does that relate to the products/services you provide?

8.) How would your audience currently describe your products/services to a stranger or friend? How do you want them to describe you?

9.) What makes you special? Why should someone choose your products/services over a competitor?

10.) Does your branding and messaging align with your goals, vision and core values? If not, what visual aspects of your brand (logo, website, packaging, etc.) need work?

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