Classic Brass


Classic Brass is an American-made premium hardware manufacturer located in Jamestown, New York

scope of work:

The Classic Brass brand is about as American as apple pie. Located in Jamestown, New York, Classic Brass has designed and manufactured premium, handcrafted door and cabinet hardware for more than 30 years. The family-owned business prides itself in hard work and classic American craftsmanship — no short cuts or assembly lines. And after a successful week in the factory, you’ll find owner Chris Creighton grilling lunch for his Classic Brass "extended" family. 

When they decided it was time to open a new door with their brand strategy, we worked with the Classic Brass family to establish high-quality design and photography to match the quality of their products. The Peppermill team visited this long-standing Jamestown factory and spent several weeks art directing the new website's home page video.Classic Brass’ 12 unique finishing steps used to create their stunning door and cabinet hardware are showcased throughout the entire site.

Since the rebrand, Classic Brass continues to exceed sales goals, surpassing new records month after month.

"We enjoyed collaborating with Peppermill Projects on our re-branding effort. The team took an overwhelming task and simplified the entire process for us into smaller, manageable tasks. Jenn and her team are great listeners who were able to interpret all of our thoughts and ideas into tangible content. They developed creative solutions about how to convey our message and share our story of Americans making fine handcrafted hardware.

Without question, Jenn and the Peppermill team elevated our brand image with a whole new look with a new logo, color palette and beautiful imagery. We have seen an increase in sales over the past two years which we contribute largely to our rebranding effort. We couldn’t have done it without the Peppermill team!"

- Brooke Creighton