Live Kindly


Live Kindly is a lifestyle brand with the mission to promote everyday acts of kindness.


With a vision of making the world a kinder place, our client decided to start a kindness movement. Live Kindly offers apparel and products that encourage people—young and old to strengthen and unite their communities through positivity. The lifestyle brand aims to inspire and resonate with those who dream of a kinder world.

We created a memorable, stylish logo to define the brand and its products. The circular shape of the logo is inspired by the karmic idea of getting back what you give — kindness is contagious and will eventually come back around. Symbols of peace and kindness are subtly portrayed in the logo, and depending on how you look at the mark, you might see a smiley face or a dove carrying a leaf in its beak.

The commerce website was designed with the goal to create a kindness community where customers are able to share their own acts of kindness and choose which organization they'd like part of their purchase to go towards. The site is clean, colorful and promotes tips and ideas on how to create a kinder world.