Established in 1969 (on a good foundation), Lanham construction is a family-owned Maryland business specializing in concrete, masonry, and waterproofing.

scope of work:

Lanham Construction has specialized in Concrete, Masonry, and Waterproofing projects in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas. We worked with Lanham Construction to develop a new brand for this generational family-owned business that evokes strength, stability and growth while respecting the company’s long history and family traditions.

We utilized the bright red color from their previous logo as the rebrand's foundation, and employed a retro-looking font and style for the new logo. Additionally, we introduced a 60s-era caricature of the owner into the marketing materials to make the company’s brand image more relatable and personable. We also incorporated some unexpected elements into the company’s identity package. For example, we used heavy-duty chipboard for business cards – after all, a company specializing in concrete and masonry should feel solid and sturdy! Most recently, we completed the website redesign, resulting in a clean, simplified site to attract new customers.