maryland hall offers year-round classes, performances, exhibits, tours, workshops and demonstrations for people of all ages to discover the transformative power of the arts.

scope of work:

Located in the former historic Annapolis High School, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts is a multi-disciplinary arts center in Annapolis that offers year-round classes and workshops for all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. This community institution also hosts domestic and international artists, musicians and entertainers—many times free of charge.

Since Maryland Hall offers programs and classes for such a wide variety of art forms and audiences, its message and logo needed to be relatable to a broad audience. The building itself is the element that literally holds everything together at Maryland Hall. The arches are a reoccurring shape throughout the architecture of the building, so we used them in the logo as a symbol of the exciting opportunities found inside. Additionally, we developed the tagline “Art for All” which references Maryland Hall’s mission of making art accessible and available to everyone in the community.

The new brand has successfully been rolled out internally and externally. Large banners with the updated logo adorn the front door and are occasionally changed to correspond with large events or campaigns. Throughout the years, we've designed the course catalogs which are mailed quarterly and have consulted on website redesign and event staff uniforms.