Amazon: Branding With a Message

In light of political tension and divisiveness throughout the world, one television ad stuck out to the Peppermill team last week. Just recently, Amazon released a touching advertisement that features a friendship between two religious leaders from the UK.

According to the Telegraph, the names of the featured men are Rev. Gary Bradley and Zubeir Hassam, an imam. The heartfelt Amazon ad focuses on Bradley and Hassam as they chat over tea. Noticing they both experience knee pain, they simultaneously purchase each other knee pads through Amazon's website. The spot ends with Bradley in his church, Hassam in his mosque, both kneeling to pray.

Watch the ad here.

Hassam told the Telegraph he was "being himself" instead of acting.

"I honestly didn't think about it. I think the message is very good, people from different backgrounds can share gifts and can see each other," he said, "With all the bad publicity we have got this is a very, very positive ad showing that people of different faiths can get together."

On their website, Amazon explains that they "are a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to inventing on behalf of our customers. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, culture, education, as well as professional and life experience."

Brands are increasingly being held accountable for their views on social and political issues their customers face daily. By putting the spotlight on the shared pain point of a vicar and an imam, Amazon depicts how we are more alike than we are different. Amazon shows that they are a brand that values inclusiveness and diversity.

In just over one minute, Amazon shared a heartfelt message about the world today and their brand's core values. Viewers not only understand what the company does and their process (online ordering and delivery services), but what they stand for. Authentic, compelling storytelling is what makes a brand successful and Amazon has proved year after year that they understand the art of branding.

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