Finding Comfort In The Cubicle: The 3 S's

Okay, so this title is a bit misleading. We actually don't work in cubicles, but you might. Our office is small, as there are only three of us who work here, but it's quite open. We each have our own individual desk and it's a good thing, because I have crumbs everywhere and our Creative Director, Jenn, has a tendency to spill her coffee. The point is, there are studies that show making your workplace more "homey" is great for productivity and we agree. Placing a picture frame of your family or pet on your desk just won't do. So what do we we suggest for making your workspace less corporate and stiff? The 3 S's.

SLIPPERS: What's the first thing we do when we walk in the door? Make coffee. What's the second thing? Kick off our shoes and put on our slippers. There's something about having your feet warm and comfortable that makes your space feel more cozy. Bonus points if your slippers are furry. The trick is leaving a pair of slippers at the office, so you don't have to worry about packing them every day. Think of your slippers as a thinking cap, but on your feet. In fact, science says being warm results in better productivity and fewer errors in the work place. Everybody wins!

SNACKS: If you're one of those people who only eat three meals a day, please teach us your ways. Until then, we get by with a little help from our friends: snacks. Oatmeal is a great morning snack or second breakfast. Plus, it fuels your brain! Add some fresh fruit on top and you're practically a gourmet chef. We often share a bag of popcorn in the afternoon, which is just enough to get us by until dinner. Try rewarding yourself with a sweet treat or second lunch after completing a difficult or mundane task. We keep small chocolates in the kitchen and definitely aren't afraid of taking a field trip to Whole Foods for a cup of soup. Lately our favorite reward is frozen yogurt (froyo), a prefect spring/summer afternoon pick-me-up. Thanks, Menchie's!

SONGS: You won't find elevator music anywhere near our speakers. No way, no how. Does anyone actually like that stuff? We often take turns DJing, which consists of playing stations on Spotify and Pandora. Our musical selections and playlists for the day revolve around our moods. Have a lengthy proposal to write and you can't concentrate? Put on some classical tunes. Feeling sleepy and need a boost of energy? A 90's radio themed station might do the trick. No matter how you're feeling any given day, listening to music that you would normally play in your car or living room is bound to make you feel more at ease in your work space.

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