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5 Wine Designs We Love

At Peppermill Projects, we make it a habit to "Wine Down" on Friday afternoons to celebrate the weekend. National Wine Day falls on a Thursday this year, but that's not going to stop us from taking part in a very underrated holiday. As we impatiently await happy hour, we'll admire these 5 beautifully designed wine bottles (and cans)! Hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere...cheers!

Small Talk Vineyard, "Conversation" Wines

These wines hilariously depict what we all say at dinner parties on one side, and what we're really thinking on the other.

De bandera

This handmade wine quickly turns into a DIY art project with Spanish pride. The label is designed with perforated strips that can be pulled to transform the abstract Spanish flag into the regional Catalonia flag.

House Wine - Assorted Wines

There's no shame in asking for the "House Wine." This simple and bold design makes a great gift for a house-warming gift or dinner party!

Therapy Vineyards - Assorted Wines

Let's be honest...we could all use a little liquid therapy. These beautiful bottles are inspired by the famous Rorschach test and lets consumers analyze the inkblots as they sip.

Malivoire Winery, "Table Wine"

"It's got legs!" We love the table illustrations on this punny bottle of Riesling.

*Cover Photo by our very own Kelsey Harmon!

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