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Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day!

Did you know January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day? Neither did we. It's true! On this day in 1935, beer was first sold in the brilliant aluminum vessel. Celebrating this "holiday" is definitely something we can get on board with. If you haven't noticed, cans are becoming increasingly popular in the craft beer world. Why? For a few reasons, really!

1) The can itself is more portable; perfect for camping, boating, a day at the beach and basically anywhere glass is not welcome.

2) The beer cools faster in cans as opposed to bottles, which is convenient if you're running late to a party.

3) Some argue that it even tastes better. Canned beer won't taste like a mouthful of pennies, if that's what you're worried about. The insides of most cans and lids used for craft beers have a special coating that eliminates contact between the beer and aluminum.

4) "But I only drink draft beer!" Technically that comes from a giant can too, the keg.

5) Light and oxygen can't penetrate the can at all, unlike the bottle. This helps keep the beer fresh and drinkable longer. Science!

Regardless of which container you prefer for your brew, we hope you can admire the art of the beer can. Listed below are some of our favorite designs. Cheers!

Union Craft Brewery: Baltimore, MD -- Duckpin IPA

D.C. Brau: Washington, D.C. -- The Public

Creature Comforts: Athens, GA -- Athena

Newburgh Brewing Company: Newburgh, NY -- Cream Ale

Churchkey Can Company: Seattle, WA -- Churchkey Pilsner

Four Corners Brewing: Dallas, TX -- Block Party Robust Porter

21st Amendment Brewery: San Francisco, CA -- Hell or High Watermelon

Ozark Beer Company: Rogers, AR - American Pale Ale

Intuition Ale Works: Jacksonville, FL -- Jon Boat Coastal Ale

Good People Brewing Company: Birmingham, AL -- Coffee Flavored Oatmeal Stout

Sixpoint Brewery: Brooklyn, NY -- Global Warmer

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