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Happy Halloween From Peppermill Projects

If there's one "holiday" the Peppermill Projects team can get behind, it's Halloween. For the obvious reason, the whole day (or week) revolves around candy and other various treats, so of course we're all about it. However, the creative aspect of Halloween is also appealing to our little team of "creatives." Sure, the good ol' fashioned triangle eyed jack o' lanterns are adorable, but it's great to see designers, amateurs and everyone in between use their imagination to carve (or paint) onto large orange gourds. We'll be honest, we didn't go above and beyond with our carving skills this year, but we're pretty proud of our little Peppermill pumpkin. We're also proud of our Halloween animation featured below, created by our intern, Winnie Kuo. From all of us at Peppermill Projects, we wish you a fun and safe Halloween. And, if you want to bring us over some leftover candy on Monday, we will gladly accept.

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